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Tekinsol media affordable web design service provides modern and latest web 2.0 website designing in india with offices in patna and mumbai. Web design is not only about portraying what an organization is all about. it is a kind of a bond between you and your potential customer. It should offer maximum usability by making the web design interact with your organization on a virtual interface.For the majority of internet users web site design is either very important or extremely important, because visual perception often defines credibility. But having a good looking web site is not enough if people cannot find it or use it properly. Why your website need to be look different from your competitors and includes all the information a visitor lands for. Its simply because your website represents your business over online media and hence to provide your customers or prospects an engaging experience with your products or services, you not only need a great web design with latest web 2.0 features but also great content which will lead to the purpose of a visitor.

Tekinsol Media is a leading low cost web design agency in india which offers custom web site design helps you advance your branding strategy online, while focusing on the needs of your target audience. We offer result-oriented web design services and simultaneously enhancing your visibility on search engines. We employ latest internet technologies with state of art features to offer complete website solutions. We stick by basic professional standards, thereby, delivering you the best of the best. We are a brand name in the field of web design.

Our web design goal is to help you better position your product or service in your client’s mind so that you can achieve your business goals. You can establish and grow your presence on-line by creating a professionally designed website.

Our extensive experience and skills allow us to bring you a truly effective website design visually attractive, functional and customer friendly. At Tekinsol, we strongly believe that customers should be involved in every aspect of our web design process. We never forget that your website must accurately represent your philosophy, your business theme,your approach,and your sense of style. To achieve this first we provide you with different web design design concepts and its advantages, which you can review for color, layout, graphics and overall presentation. Then we refine the layout and design making changes based on your suggestions. We’ll throughout the execution of your web design project work with you to show accurately the image you want for your business and help you reach your goals online.

Low Cost Web Design For All Industy

B2C Website Design

A B2C or business to customer website design will solve the purpose only when it includes all the information and features your customers require to engage with your products or services. Our comprehensive website designing approach provides you with best results based on your objective in your business domain and leads towards an edge over your competitors.    Read More

B2B Web Design

If your business targets other businesses small or big, your website needs to be different and unique in terms of product or service information, business geography and above all accessible contact information of different available departments.Our business to business or B2B website designing approach includes comprehensive strategy based on your business vertical and you target audience.    Read More

E-Commerce Web Design

The bottom line of E-Commerce websites is conversion or simply sales. You can attract million of visitors on your E- commerce website but that's not solving your purpose unless you get considerable conversion rate ratio. Our E-Commerce website design service will help you get high conversion rate ratio and make it a profitable sales platform.    Read More

Start-Ups Web Design

A start-up business requires broader visibility over different media including online one. This is the primary reason a start-up website design should not only look attractive and eye-catching but also comprehensive information about all offerings need to be systematically ordered for great engagement of inbound visitors. Our Start-up website designing approach will based on your business and target audience and include all the on-page website promotional tools like social bookmarking, RSS feed, rich snippets, eye-catchy contact forms and visitors comment sections.    Read More

Non profit Website Designing

Non profit organizations may have different target audiences and designing a great website to address them effectively is what our web designing strategy for them. With our clear and easy to navigate design not only attracts your target audiences like independent workers, interested parties, donations and funding but also provide loud and clear message to general visitors of their objective.    Read More

Corporate Web Design

Our corporate website designing approach get elegant and classy look to your website. It will reflect your business theme, branding and philosophy. Apart from that, it will provide clear information about your products and services. We add a content management system to your website so that whenever require the information can be updated even from your end without any hassle.    Read More

Personal Web Design

Personal websites are great for promoting your skills, thoughts or even products and services. We design personal websites or blogs keeping in mind whom you want to target your content. We also include embed promotional tools in order to augment inbound traffic to your website.    Read More

Our Website Designing Approach

Initial Discussion

Web design being a creative job let our team explore your business and understand your objective in order to prepare a comprehensive plan for designing your website. We deeply study your business theme, branding, core values and philosophy apart from a sense of your offerings in terms of products or services,target audience and your core objective.

Design Planning

On the basis of collected information about your objective, Our team experiment with alternative layouts and designs and finalize the best suited with your goal, brand philosophy and theme and also which can accommodate your content in best manner.

Actual Development

Once the website design is finalized, Our team set for the actual development which includes creative stuff like designing different set of graphics material and images in accordance with your finalized theme, back-end development for customized content management system, content writing etc.

Performance Testing

Once your website is ready, We subject is to testing in order to find out any error in terms of cross browser and responsive compatibility, loading time, 301 redirection and other technical specifications for overall performance optimization.

Website live

Once our team conduct all tests and remove all technical errors, We set your website live and make it accessible for your target audiences.

Performance reporting & maintenance

Our team keep an eye on your website and provide you with periodic performance reports. Also, We keep updating your website whenever seems necessary for its optimum performance.

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