Affordable and Low Cost SEO Service

Getting your website on the first page of a Google search is imperative for any website. This doesn't "just happen". It often takes a great deal of work in the back end of a site to achieve. However being an affordable and low cost seo company, at Tekinsol Media we have the opinion that search engine optimization needs to be a part of building and updating the website and not to be kept it as an isolated service that is charged as a separate amount. You may be inundated with spam emails and frequent calls from so called "SEO expert companies". If you are not sure please contact us here or make an inquiry and we will assist you to get better search engine results.

Our Comprehensive, Step-by-Step, 9-Point search engine optimization plan is designed to maximize your website inbound traffic and convert your web browsers into buyers platform while keeping you in the front row and limiting your work and effort:

How we take in your seo plan

Our seo plan is always based on your objective and vision. We start executing search engine optimization strategy only by consulting you.

What exactly your business objective is and you want us to reach that? Our team completely understand your goal and its completion time-frame before planning how we proceed towards that.

The ultimate objective of all seo planning is simply optimizing the conversion rates. But how that objective will be achieved is where the seo planning starts and through many step by step objective that ultimate goal is achieved. For example,

What keywords you want to target?

In what geography?

To what demography?

Once we find answers to the above question we proceed with planning objectives to achieve that.

We research your business domain well and so the niche in terms of location and product range.

It helps us as well as you know where exactly you stand in your market segment and what share or value you are gaining in the meantime.

What your competitor planning to grow his market share and what are the area you can have an edge over their seo strategy.

We use cutting edge tools for competitors analysis on all terms and get valuable relative insights we can work on planning your seo goals.

Who Are You Losing Business to and Why?

What Steps Can We Take So You Can Leapfrog Them And Come Out Ahead?

They say it and to most extend its right in its own sense that all seo strategy is pivotal to your business domain keywords. seo is all about making your website look comparatively valuable against users query or keywords. Keywords and its relative value is closely linked to your seo strategy because prospect looks for keywords as search terms and finds as a result significant pages in SERP's.
Our intensive keyword research helps us to sort out relatively important keywords for your business domain and hence suggest best and affordable seo plan for you.

Website design layout plays a significant role in your SEO strategy.

Web technology keeps on changing with time and what design or layout looks good today from on-page optimization prospective may be outdated in coming years and this is why website redevelopment remains one of the vital inclusion for SEO planning.

However, this must be done very carefully without affecting your rankings already in subsistence.

What Website Layout Will Attract Your Target Market And Call Your Visitors To Action?

Are images well optimized ?

Are pages well-interlinked ?

Undoubtedly content is the king of search engine optimization planning and therefore our creative content management team write exclusive and quality content for all your pages.

Its quality content for what a visit is made to your site. Its content which increases the engagement with your product or services.

Its great content which build confidence and customer loyalty with your website.

Content is the answer of visitors query and hence our content management team creatively write content for your webpages which satisfy users query to the optimum level and help you maximize inbound traffic and call to action.

What Message Will Better Communicate Your Keywords To Search Engines?

Better Sell Your Products/Services? And Get Visitors To Take The Steps You Want Them To Take?

Quality link building is an integral part of seo strategy. A quality back-link to your website is simply like a vote of confidence.

Although, days are gone where a relatively low content website used to get bulk back-links by so called back-links sellers and ranked them high in SERP.

Now google values a back-link coming from authenticate and contextual sources and ranks accordingly.Gaining an organic or natural back link is one of the significant aspect of Search engine optimization.Our SEO team constantly look for developing creative means of earning valuable organic back links for different set of your business keywords.

Where Is Your Target Market?

How Can We Reach Them?

What Social Media Sites Can/Should We Target?

Where Is Your Biggest Audience?

How Can We Publicize Your Site To Them?

What Is Your New Ranking?

How Quickly Are You Progressing Up The Charts?

Which Keywords And Key Phrases Are Working For You And Which Aren't?

And What Issues Need To Be Addressed?

What SEO tools we use

We use cutting edge tools for search engine optimization and that's why we deliver best results and stand on your expectations.